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Courageously Inclusive

Antiracism and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work built on the "Courageous Conversations About Race" Framework 



Create Belonging

This is the work of Courageous Conversations.

In order for teams to be more cohesive, and companies to truly be inclusive, employees need to have psychological safety.  That safety is only created when they feel connected and that they belong.  

The Courageously Inclusive workshops with The VIP Lab provide the roadmaps for teams to build that foundation to think differently about how individuals deal with racial information, with the end result being a robust, experience-driven dialogue that deepens the collective understanding while broadening each individual's perspective on race, racism, ethnicity, and privilege.  You will walk away with a deeper understanding of who you are, how you show up, how to be a better ally, how to be a better colleague, how to speak your truth while respecting the truth of others, and how to be courageous in facing the uncomfortable truths about ourselves and each other. 

Contact me today to discuss what courses are right for your group. 


Let's start your journey.

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